Famous director of Bollywood madhur Bhandarker his home Production (Bhandarker Internment) P.V.T and help of U.T.V Motion pictures are coming to bring famous film. “Fashion” who will be realizes all India on 29 October. Fashion movie will be central over fashion world. Priyanka chopra, Kangna ranawat, Super modal godse, Arjan bajva are in this movie who modals about to come fashion world. These movies see around these modals. Film fashion is the story character real life and made of emerging. Bhandarker says the movie will be expose the lesser brown truths about the fashion world the sexual exploitation the casting couches, the politics the fierce competition ruzzall dozzle on the ramp. Madhur Bhandarker is very exatit to Produced his movie. He says that fashion movie is different from others movies. Bhandarker says that I know that no other movie never made such a subject my movie is not decision full, I want to see the mirror of society. My movie fashion also will see the mirror of society. Fashion world is seem lovely. But you will be see like person you will know that It is wrong.


hia said...

Fashion is a very nice movie. it tells us about the inside world of fashion. what happens there etc.